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                                          New Blinkie community! 

HEY GUYS! So, I like

NEVER do this, haha. But

there's a new blinkie c

ommunity from a girl who

makes AMAZING stuff and

is trying to get back on her

blinkie-making feet! Totally

worth promoting!

She's holding a little promo

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Please comment here

and maybe perhaps mention me?  Thankyou SO uber much!*snugs everyone*


Photobucket Question ??

Does anybody know what's going on with photobucket. I have been trying for two days now to upload pictures, and when you click the upload button it doesn't give you the option to choose which pictures you want to upload. So I was wondering if anybody else was having the same problem....

^^ wildrosedragon @ faded_graphics ^^
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Awwwww, I feel so honored to have AWESOME & AMAZING friends.....Not sure who left me the 2 honors in HONORCUPS this week, but they made my day!!!Thank you for your kind and sincere words....Please reveal yourself....


For you I'd do anything

For you I'd do anything

Of a sudden you arraived to my life,
inocent, and i fell in love.
because of your ways, with your eyes
or your angel face.

I still dont know what happend...
all i know is that,

I love you.

When sometimes i suffer,
I want to go back in time,
I surrander.
And the pain,
I feel its worse..

You are a beautiful dream.
You are my happiens.
The owner to my soul,

i remember the days would
come and I would think..

What would i do if one day
I'd live without you,
LIving like this isnt,
it isnt to live,

What would I do, if
I couldnt be without you,
my lonlyness i cant imagine,
without your love i wouldnt
know what to do..

If I could, I'd give my life for you.
Id tell you everyday how much i love you.
If I could, I'd give my life for you,
if i had one last kiss,
Id tell you I love you and only think
about you..
If there was time, I'd feed my soul from your love,
I need you
and my heart does too.
and I ask.
to come back,
for god to give me strengh,
I live in sadness and sickness
every single day.

Dont hurt me anymore,
when you left, all my dreams left,
what em I to do.

But if I could,
Id put you in a glass box, were no one
would touch you,
I just want you close where
you can stay for ever
I want to talk to you,
and let you know...
what I couldnt..
that I missed you everysingle day!
that I missed you every second of time!.
Now that your gone,
I dont have the strenght I onced did,
My pain suffers crazy into my chest.
crushing my vains and hurting my bonez,
thats when I know...
you wispered into my ear
saying, "baby be strong I'm home"

colonoscarpeay @ juicyfreeze

Your Hand

I'll take your hand and walk with you
where ever you may lead
cause you're the one I love
the only one I need.

As long as we go it together
I know our love isn't lost
I promise to hold onto your hand
no matter what the cost.

We'll encounter trials and tribulations
now and then a little strife
but we must hold onto each other
because we're fighting for our life.

As long as you walk by my side
with your hand in mine
I feel that we can over come
the test of us and time.

I'll go anywhere with you
and hold onto your hand
I'll always be there for you love
by your side I'll stand.